Tree Service Arborists

As certified members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists and the International Society of Arboriculture, we are recognized and committed experts in the tree care industry. We provide all aspects of tree care from arbor consulting to stump grinding. We have the equipment to service trees of any size and always adhere to the strictest safety regulations. Our team of arborists will take care of your trees to make sure they are thriving in their natural environment as best they can.


Regular pruning is one of the best ways to ensure the health, beauty, and safety of the trees in your landscape.

Proper tree pruning surgeons improves branch structure and appearance by removing dead, damaged, and weak limbs. Pruning increases air circulation and sun exposure, which benefits not just your trees, but the surrounding landscape as well.


We’d rather plant trees than cut them down, but there are times when tree removal is necessary. Dead or dying trees are unsafe and potentially damaging to your property (not to mention ugly). The prices for tree removals depend on the size and age of the tree.

If you notice a declining tree in your landscape, give us a call. Our arborists can assess its health and condition and determine if removal is necessary.

Cabling & Bracing

Limb failures are dangerous, damaging to your property, and detrimental to your tree’s health.

Sometimes a tree just needs a little support.

Cables and bracing rods are effective tools for protecting a tree’s structural integrity. Our arborists can assess your tree and develop a plan to redistribute structural stress.

Storm Cleanup

Storm damage is best prevented by being proactive, but in the case of an emergency, we will provide prompt service. We will quickly assess damage and provide immediate clean up. Once the tree is removed, it may be necessary to consult a professional roofer to repair any damage and ensure your house is safe.

Piscataqua Landscaping will clean up fallen trees or your lawn after a storm. Storm clean up available.

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