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Landscape Irrigation

Commercial , Residential

Landscape irrigation helps supplement Mother Nature. Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service is a Certified Irrigation Contractor. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services for lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems to residents and businesses throughout the NH Seacoast, Southern ME,  and NH Lakes Region.

We have a wide range of systems and service plans for new and existing customers, and for those who need our help managing their previous installations. We’ll assess your home or property layout and water supply, then customize an irrigation solution that conserves water and saves money  potentially thousands of dollar over time! Whether we are installing a one-zone system or a multi-zone zone system, our in-ground sprinkler systems are designed to properly irrigate your landscape for the long haul.

Our goal is to provide uniform, even landscape coverage without wasting a drop, a distinct advantage to the overlapping and over-extended hydro zones many competitors use. 

Water-Wise System Technology in Seacoast NH, Lakes Region NH and Southern ME

The Seacoast’s salty air mixed with the lack of rain on hot summer days can create less than ideal growing conditions for your lawn, and the Lakes Region has steep slopes that need constant hydration. Our water-wise technology will hydrate your plants and turf to prevent them from stressing or thinning and lead them to their optimal health —  helping you maintain curb appeal, save money, and improve your home’s value all at once.

To supplement your well-designed irrigation layout, a good system with the latest controller technology is needed to manage the watering schedule so that your lawn will never look under or over watered. This also helps reduce water waste and your water bill.

Today’s irrigation systems are extremely sophisticated. We have controllers that can download weather data from the Cloud to adjust the watering schedule accordingly. Or, if wind speeds are above a certain point, a system can be set so it won’t turn on—saving water from blowing away from its targeted zone. Away on vacation? You can adjust your system through your phone’s wi-fi and feel rest assured.

The Benefits of Water-Waste Prevention / Certified Irrigation Contractor

Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service has Certified Irrigation Contractors on its team.

EPA WaterSense Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) are trained in methods to design and repair irrigation systems with competencies in building codes, water flow, piping, backflow prevention and design to name a few. CICs can audit and certify that your irrigation system meets certain criteria for both private and public water supplies. If your property is in a community that offers irrigation only water meters or irrigation deduct meters, we can help!

Call to see how we can help with your irrigation system and water conservation efforts: 207-439-2241 (Seacoast Offices) 603-569-6424 (NH Lakes Region Offices)

Irrigation System Maintenance & Winterization

Efficiency of your system is the most important factor when watering your lawn or garden. With technology having changed in the past 20 years, poorly installed older systems are now inefficient and costly. Well-maintained older systems can last awhile, but supplemental parts will wear out over time and need replacing.

Your system should be checked, ideally monthly during irrigation season, which, depending on the weather, can be from Memorial Day through mid-September. During these maintenance checks, the controller and parameters can be adjusted for the health of your lawn and the technician can make sure your system is doing its job properly.

Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service can also help with winterization of your sprinkler system before the first freeze, whether you’re a current or new customer to us.

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