A Look Ahead at 2024 Landscape Trends

Achieving the backyard of your dreams means planning ahead! With winter fast approaching, now is the time to think about your landscaping projects for the coming year. Looking ahead to 2024, we see some trends emerging–both aesthetic and practical–that will impact the way we design and use outdoor spaces. There’s a growing emphasis on sustainability, and on creating tranquil spaces that promote well-being, as well as enhance the beauty of your landscape. We expect to see more of these three trends in 2024.

Outdoor Living Spaces

More time spent at home over the past few years has led to more people wanting to maximize time outside. As the line between indoor and outdoor living has continued to blur, outdoor kitchens (that go way beyond the standard grill), dining areas and living rooms have become increasingly popular. Landscapers have seen greater demand for fire pits, pergolas, water features, and upscaled patios as homeowners seek to create cozy outdoor spaces that blend with the natural environment and provide a peaceful oasis. Seamlessly integrated outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting large groups. Add comfortable furniture, outdoor lighting, and a fire pit to create the desired atmosphere and you can extend your season for entertaining far past summer.

Sustainable Landscaping

Homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly landscaping. In the face of unpredictable rainfall and changes in climate, incorporating drought-resistant plants and native species in your garden reduces the need for watering and chemical fertilizers. Gardens designed to attract pollinators, and local wildlife like butterflies and birds, are low-maintenance and support a healthy ecosystem.
Sustainable landscaping can also include features–like rain gardens and permeable hardscaping materials–that manage water efficiently. In addition to conserving water, these elements can help prevent soil erosion and maintain soil health. Eco-conscious landscaping is especially popular among
homeowners who have moved away from the water-intensive, traditional green grass lawn and embraced a more natural look.

Smart Design

Advancements in technology have influenced the way outdoor spaces are designed and managed and will continue to do so. Smart landscaping incorporates elements like automated irrigation systems with weather-sensing controllers, sensors that monitor plant health to optimize care, and outdoor lighting controlled via smartphone. The use of technology to improve efficiency and reduce landscape maintenance will become more commonplace in the coming years.

Water Management

As temperatures and rainfall become less predictable, homeowners are increasingly looking for help managing stormwater. Drainage systems aren’t the most exciting thing to think about, but proper drainage is essential in low-lying areas of your landscape. Excess water can damage plants, erode
soil, and create muddy, unusable spaces. Effective drainage also helps control erosion by directing rainwater runoff away from sloped or hilly areas. French drains, drainage swales, and underground seepage tanks to manage water will become more common components of landscaping plans. Environmentally friendly permeable pavers that allow water to seep through have also become increasingly popular, as have rain gardens that make use of available water. Overall, landscaping elements that integrate eco-friendly water management solutions are a growing trend in the industry.

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A Look Ahead at 2024 Landscape Trends

Achieving the backyard of your dreams means planning ahead! With winter fast approaching, now is the time to think about your landscaping projects for the

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