Seasonal Tip: How To Protect Your Lawn from Heat Stress

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If you’re like a lot of us, getting your lawn looking good (and stay looking good) is part of your summer pastime. Things can get in the way. The neighbor’s dog seems to find a way to pee on your grass, out-of-control weeds, spots where grass won’t grow, your kids and their friends tearing up […]

Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service Acquires Community Landscape

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Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service is proud to announce the acquisition of Community Landscape Company. In a letter to his clients, Community Landscaping owner Phil Borelli said: “Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service is a quality organization and believes in all the same things that I do: long-term relationships, depth of resources and support for their […]

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

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When a winter storm hits, it’s important to have a reliable and trustworthy snow removal contractor that will provide excellent service for your commercial property and for your investment. In order to hire a quality snow removal company, there are a few questions we recommend asking before making the decision. Before hiring a snow removal […]

Proper Tree Care Tips

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How To Help Your Trees Did you know that trees can get stressed? When exposed to tough conditions and harsh weather, trees can undergo stress. Help your trees survive the cold months by preparing them properly for cold weather. Spending time making sure they’re well cared for in the fall and winter will ensure they’re […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips

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It’s that time of year again! Time to prepare for another cold and snowy New England winter.  Before winter hits, there are a few things you should do to prepare your property. By taking care of your leaves, cutting your lawn, and watering your plants, your property will be strong enough to survive the cold […]

Landscape Construction Tips & Ideas

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It’s the time of year when you’re able to enjoy your outdoor living space and all that your yard has to offer. If you’re looking to enhance your landscape there are a few hardscape construction designs that our team of experienced masonries recommend. Adding hardscape to your property can add flair and uniqueness to your […]

The Benefits of Lawn Irrigation

PLC Sprinkler System Professionally Installed in NH Lawn

Is your grass dry in some areas and damp in others, or maybe its thinning out? Does your soil seem too sandy, chalky, clay-like, or silty? Do you feel like your gardens or grounds could be a lot lusher, greener, or more inviting? If you answered yes to any of this you aren’t alone. The […]

Landscape Lighting for Aesthetic Appeal and Security

PLC Lighting an Exterior Space

Regardless of your landscape, whether commercial or residential, having outdoor light fixtures can make your property appear more inviting, improve its security and still be cost effective. Whether you are installing landscape lighting yourself, or hiring a professional landscaping lighting company, it’s important to know the science behind a system. Make sure you’re illuminating the […]

Roots & the Pneumatic Soil-Excavation Tool

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Long time PLC tree and plant health care manager Chris Kemp recently had an article published by top industry magazine TCI. Chris explains nutrient recycling, root system damage, and the pneumatic soil-excavating tool. He mentions how “in woody plants, a lot goes on underground that we cannot see”, that’s why the pneumatic soil-excavating tool can […]