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How To Help Your Trees

Did you know that trees can get stressed? When exposed to tough conditions and harsh weather, trees can undergo stress. Help your trees survive the cold months by preparing them properly for cold weather. Spending time making sure they’re well cared for in the fall and winter will ensure they’re ready to start blooming again in the spring. Our team at Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Services are certified members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists and the International Society of Arboriculture. We are experts in the field of tree care and landscaping. To help care for your trees, we’ve put together a few tips on tree care to help you and your trees prepare for colder months ahead!


Pruning your trees helps them stay healthy, beautiful, and safe. To properly prune, remove dead, damaged, and weak limbs. Removing dead or damaged limbs relieves stress on trees and keeps them growing strong. This will also increase air circulation and sun exposure, for the tree and your property. Fall is the best time of year to remove branches because you aren’t working around leaves. When the trees are bare, you’re able to see what you’re working with. Please remember that it’s easy to get carried away with cleaning a tree and removing weak limbs. Be aware that a tree can become injured and more weak if too many branches are taken away.

Plant New Trees

Just because all the leaves on your landscape are losing their leaves doesn’t mean you can’t plant a new tree! Fall is the perfect time of year to plant a tree because the air is crisp and there is a good balance of sunlight and rainfall. Plus, the soil conditions are ideal for stimulating root growth in new trees. During the fall and the winter, the roots are able to grow strong and then they’re ready for top growth in the spring and summer.

Use Mulch & Water

Mulch is always helpful to your trees, regardless of the season. Putting mulch under your tree in the fall or early winter helps keep the roots and tree warm when the temperature drops. Adding a layer of mulch adds a blanket of protection and warmth for the tree’s roots. It will also help your lawn grow thick and green. If leaves land on mulch, they’re much more apt to decompose rather than if they were to land on the grass. Similar to mulch, it’s also important to make sure you’re watering your trees year round. This is helpful for their growth and overall health. Although it seems strange, try watering your trees (especially the young ones) during the winter months. Water the soil when the trees are cool and not frozen. This will give them an extra boost of hydration that they need to keep growing strong. 

Help your trees out before the cold weather starts by using these tips. Each factor can make a difference on the success of the growth, stress, and health of your trees. If you’re looking for more advice on tree care or looking to talk to a tree care expert, contact our team at Piscataqua Landscaping or call us at (603) 439-2241. We really like what we do, and we think you’ll like it too. 

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