Landscape Lighting: How to Save Energy Costs.

Landscape designers have long considered low-voltage landscape lighting to be an essential part of any residential or commercial landscape design. A well-designed, professionally installed lighting plan compliments any home or business by adding beauty, usability, safety, security, and a dramatic visual effect. Not to mention, it adds value to any property. These days, great outdoor lighting is thought of as a necessary addition to every property, old or new, by most professional landscapers. A recent 2022 global study suggests that the low-voltage landscape lighting movement is continuing to trend upward and will grow exponentially in the years to come.

As low-voltage landscape lighting increases in popularity, we’re seeing advancements that have come a long way since its inception. Currently, using LED lamps and fixtures for landscape lighting is the preferred choice by most, as opposed to Halogen lamps that were used in the early days. LEDs and Halogen lights produce the same amount of light, but the LEDs use much less energy (80-85% less) than Halogen fixtures and lamps, which keeps your energy costs down. They also last much longer too, eliminating the need to change fixtures and lamps on a regular basis. In most cases, a quality LED fixture will last up to 20 years, while the Halogen is only good for about 2 years. LEDs also produce the same “warm” look like their Halogen counterparts. That’s something people often get wrong. When some people think of “LED”, they imagine a bright blue-like effect. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We can easily match a new LED to an existing Halogen lamp to produce the same warm look and feel.

So, LEDs are the energy-saving way to go when designing and installing any new landscape lighting system. But if you had your system installed ten or more years ago, there’s a good chance that it’s  a Halogen system. Your landscape lighting could be stuck in the old days, draining unnecessary energy, and costing you more money than necessary to create a beautifully safe and secure environment. If you have an older lighting system that uses halogen fixtures, don’t worry…. there’s good news! Our design team and lighting technicians can easily retrofit your lighting system from Halogen to LED, ultimately saving you money on those electric bills, and eliminating the need to change bulbs regularly! If you’re unsure what type of lighting system you currently have, or if you’re ready to light up your property with a beautiful new landscape lighting plan, contact us today to schedule a consultation. The future looks bright!

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