The Time Is Now For Plant Planning

One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is that Covid-19 spurred a return of the everyday gardener. Greenhouses across the country experienced an increase in sales and activity from first-time gardeners who were stuck at home and spending more time in their yards, over these past two years. And while this has been good for the industry of growers, supply chain issues have caused problems in receiving the plants in a timely manner.

While a bounce back in supply chain woes resulting from covid is expected this year, it’s probably going to be “…July or August at the earliest that wrinkles will start to get ironed out and we’ll see lead times and container availability move in a positive direction,” according to Dr. Charles Hall, a leading horticultural business expert. “We’ll see improvements, but we’ve got a way to go,” he said.

And, because our industry is resourceful, many growers are adopting technologies to help manage the supply chain more efficiently. Robotics has positively impacted farms with a resulting improvement in efficiency and financial benefits granted by automation. Through an innovative supply chain, and progressive farmers, agriculture will become a sector founded on connectivity, and well placed to deliver on the benefits that tech innovation offers to the supply chain in the future.

While these things will ultimately have a positive impact on our industry in the long term, here are 3 tips we want to share with you to help you create the landscape you envision this season.

  1. Contact us now to discuss your game plan for the upcoming season so we can get your plants ordered early.
  2. Let’s get ahead of price increases by reviewing all the options for your garden and landscaping.
  3. Learn about the health benefits of plants and let us help you select those plantings that come from growers who are using less harmful pesticides and moving away from plastics to be more environmentally sustainable.

At PLTS, we are fortunate to have some terrific partnerships with suppliers, and because our goal is to always deliver on our promises to our customers, we want to get ahead of the curve in 2022 to make sure the plantings you desire end up in your yard – when you want them. So, even though ‘baby it’s cold outside’ right now, let’s talk about your landscape now for a beautiful and rewarding outdoor space this summer.

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