The Benefits of Lawn Irrigation

PLC Sprinkler System Professionally Installed in NH Lawn

Is your grass dry in some areas and damp in others, or maybe its thinning out? Does your soil seem too sandy, chalky, clay-like, or silty? Do you feel like your gardens or grounds could be a lot lusher, greener, or more inviting? If you answered yes to any of this you aren’t alone.

The Right Amount of Water Is Critical to Good Lawn Care

As a homeowner, you know how much work it takes when you try to manually manage the health of your lawn — especially watering it.

Beyond mowing or fertilizing, watering your lawn is critical to its well-being; and it’s a delicate dance and practically impossible to do it right. In fact, you might spend your weekdays and weekends waking up early, wrangling heavy hoses, repositioning cheap sprinklers, and constantly fretting and fighting the forecast all in hopes that you don’t under or over water plant-life on your property… and yet despite best your efforts, brown patches still appear, weeds persist, and each inefficiency in your process only drains that much more water from the land and time and money from your wallet.

That’s Why You Should Install an In-Ground Lawn Irrigation System

Today, more and more homeowners are enjoying the benefits of installing in-ground lawn irrigation systems that are customized to achieve ideal growing conditions. The result is uniform lawn hydration, reduced environmental impact, greater long-term cost savings, and increased home resale valuations due to curb-appeal.

Some features of a modern lawn irrigation systems may include:

  • Advanced layout designs that avoid overlap and decrease water waste
  • Programmable controllers that optimize and automate watering schedules
  • Smart technology and sensors that enable systems to download or evaluate weather info and decide if and/or how much water to apply based on existing or expected wind, rain, or cloud cover
  • Remote monitoring and control options accessible from your phone’s wi-fi during travel, from the office, or wherever you might be

As you can see, irrigation systems have improved a lot in recent years and now many take into account everything from where any given sprinkler faces and when it turns on, to the volume of water it delivers and if this needs to shift with the forecast. This ultimately creates one of the most efficient, effective, and sustainable ways to maintain a beautiful yard, keep utility bills lower, and protect our natural resources — so long as its installed properly.

We’ll Help You

Whether your existing system needs to be replaced or repaired, or you’re new to irrigation altogether, Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service is happy to help you update or install the automatic sprinkler system that will work best for you and your landscape.

We offer custom-designed irrigation systems and service plans that are perfect for everything from one-zone to multi-zone residential or commercial properties; we’re an EPA WaterSense partner and a proud member of the Irrigation Association which promotes smart water practices and sustainable irrigation solutions; and we even have an in-house Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) on our team who is professionally trained to manage irrigation design, repair, and installation based on building codes, water flow, piping, and back-flow prevention best practices.

Reach out to Piscataqua Landscaping for a free consultation about your irrigation needs or learn more about our Irrigation Systems for Properties in Seacoast NH & Southern ME .

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