Landscape Lighting for Aesthetic Appeal and Security

PLC Lighting an Exterior Space

Regardless of your landscape, whether commercial or residential, having outdoor light fixtures can make your property appear more inviting, improve its security and still be cost effective. Whether you are installing landscape lighting yourself, or hiring a professional landscaping lighting company, it’s important to know the science behind a system. Make sure you’re illuminating the proper features and characteristics of the landscape strategically while taking advantage of low-voltage energy efficient options.

Finding the right points of a landscape that enhance curb appeal can be challenging. The key is to think about a property’s trees, planting beds, home facade, garden walls, and focal points. If you want to highlight trees or shrubs, consider using well, bullet, flood, or downlights. A well light is subtle and can be hidden in your lawn. A bullet light fixture is good for smaller trees and shrubs that need specific lighting. A flood light gives off a wider light and is ideal for tall trees or the backside of houses. Downlights are installed in tall trees and can make a property look as if it’s being illuminated from the moon.

Lighting walkways with lower level ground garden lights can provide security and safety. For lighting a house, wash lights are often recommended. Wash lights give off a faint glow and add a subtle touch of light to a property’s exterior. Lastly, try finding a component of the property that you want to bring more attention to. This might be a water feature, unique flower bed, or stone hardscape. Bring these areas of a property to life during the night time by adding a flood, bullet, or wash light.

Remember, there is such a thing as over-illuminating a property. Too many lights can create a glare or cause light to spill over onto a neighbor’s lawn. Make sure the light is illuminating effectively and efficiently, and consider reducing electricity costs by utilizing low-voltage LED landscape lighting components.

When thoughtfully arranged a landscape lighting system can have a dramatic effect on a property’s appearance giving it that extra glow in the evening and night hours. If you have any questions about landscape lighting, or would like to talk about the design and installation process for your exterior home lighting, contact Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service and speak with an outdoor lighting expert today!

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